CHILE | El sitio Nº1 de BSB en Español

[Verse: Nick]
Excuse me, can I have your attention?
There's something I would like to say
The way that your body moves is crazy
Drives me insane

[Verse: AJ]
You lick your lips and you got me wishing
Could I be your fantasy?
The thought of you and me together
Oh, it's like a dream to me
Yeah, yeah

You got me running for cover
Looking over my shoulder
Jumping in an ice cold bath
Thinking of something entirely different
Other than your fine (woah)
You got me looking for the exit
'cause there's no way to fake this
You've got me tripping and falling all over myself

[Post-Chorus: Nick]
'cause you're so (hot [x8])
I said baby you're so (hot [x8])

[Verse: Howie]
Sweeter than candy in the kitchen
You're the dessert I'd like to taste
I know I don't know that much about you
But I think I'm in love with you, babe


[Post-Chorus: Howie]
'cause baby you're so (hot [x8])
Baby you're so (hot [x8])
You're the finest thing

[Bridge: Brian]
I know it's gonna hurt me
The heat from your love
But I'd rather burn from you
Than die all alone at home

My undivided attention
Is all on you
My best ain't good enough
It's got me acting like a fool


[Outro: Nick and AJ]
Oh, 'cause baby you're so
(hot [x8])
Girl, you're looking fine, looking fine, looking fine
(Baby you're so)(hot [x8])
Sing it AJ
(Baby you're so)(hot [x8])
Baby you look so fine
(Baby you're so)(hot [x8])
Touch you, baby
Oh, you got it going on, you got it going on
(Baby you're so)(hot [x8])
Baby you're so hot
Baby you're so hot
(Baby you're so)(hot [x8])
Baby you're so, ow
(Baby you're so)(hot [x8])
Hey baby
Driving me so crazy, driving me so crazy
(Baby you're so)(hot [x8])
I can't take no more, ow
(Baby you're so)