CHILE | El sitio Nº1 de BSB en Español

[Verse 1: AJ and Brian]
So empty, can't feel no more
As I'm left with my tears on the floor
I wait for my heart to mend
But you keep tearing a hole

[Pre-Chorus: Brian]
Inside, I'm so lost
In the middle of my heart
It's a battlefield of love
I've been fighting far too long

And now I'm shattered
From you chipping my heart, kept taking it till it broke
Oh, how it hurts
Felt it slip from your hands, hit the ground and now it's shattered
I'm so shattered (Can't believe it was me, I'm so shattered)
So shattered (Can't believe you hurt me, ah)
So shattered (Can't believe you left me, I'm so shattered)
Shattered, cut from with-inside

[Verse 2: Nick & Howie]
What am I still here for
Could it be that I'm just waiting
Hoping you'd rescue me
And put the pieces together again

[Pre-Chorus: Howie]


{Bridge: Nick and Howie]
Tell me what you're really here for if you never really loved me
I gave my all but it still wasn't enough (oh)
'cause all you had to say was that you ain't looking for commitment
Instead of telling me what I wanted to hear, oh
You took my emotions and scattered them on the ground
So hard to just pick up and move on with life again


[Outro: AJ & Brian]
So shattered
Oh yes
Can't believe you left me so shattered